CENTRACO: Nuclear centre for processing and conditioning low-level radioactive waste

Located in the commune of Codolet, in the Gard departement from France, CENTRACO processes scrap metal in its melting plant and combustible waste in its incinerating plant.

The Centraco objective is to reduce waste volume, recycle whenever possible, and condition the remainder as ultimate waste packages accepted by ANDRA (French national agency for radioactive waste management).


vue aƩrienne CENTRACO

SOCODEI is a "waste converter" as opposed to waste producers who retain ownership of and responsibility for their waste both now and in the future.

SOCODEI takes charge of processing the waste and reallocates it to its customers after conditioning.

All ultimate waste forms produced at Centraco are systematically shipped to ANDRA surface storage facilities for french producers.


Who operates CENTRACO?

SOCODEI is the nuclear operator of the Centraco plant, and is therefore responsible for facilities safety and radioprotection.
SOCODEI oversees all operational and monitoring activities.

The CENTRACO site employs 350 people (190 SOCODEI and 160 service providers).