Waste processing

Low-level radioactive waste  

SOCODEI processes "type FMA-VC and TFA" radioactive waste or short-lived* middle-low-activity materials and very-low-activity materials.

Ultimate waste forms are waste that have been suitably processed and can be no more recycled.


Of the 849 tons of all types waste produced each year in France, 3,4% are toxic chemical waste and 0.05% are radioactive waste from the nuclear industry, hospitals, and research laboratories.

"FMA-VC and TFA" radioactive waste, with low or very-low activity levels and short half-lives*, account for only 3% of total radioactivity but for 90,8% of all radioactive waste total weight produced in France. The remaining waste (HA, HA-VL or FA-VL) represents 95% of the activity and 10% of all radioactive waste total weight produced in France.

SOCODEI processes low or very-low-activity waste, type FMA-VC and TFA, in order to condition it into a solid, non-dispersible, and chemically stable form, to reduce its volume considerably (to one tenth or one twentieth of its initial volume, depending on the process). Furthermore, SOCODEI discusses how valuation of these products once processed for recycling within the nuclear industry. SOCODEI recycled to date some of the scrap metal as shielding container of radioactive waste.

* Materials with a radioactive half-life not exceeding 30 years.